Senior Software Engineer (Kotlin/Java)

London, England, United Kingdom · Back-end team


At Landoop we believe the future of data processing is real-time. The team shares one goal and that is to deliver enterprise-ready, real-time solutions for the next generation of data-driven applications for all. Our mission is to help companies embrace data streaming and we do so by providing a platform that would ease the adoption as well as leveraging existing skill-set.

We work with cutting-edge technology stack such as Apache Kafka, Scala, Kubernetes, Docker, Ansible, ReactJS. We deploy in bare metal but we also integrate with clouds. We build connectors for our platform for the most well-known data stores like Cassandra, Elastic, Mongo, InfluxDB, Redis etc.

Our team has a heavy big data background from the early days in various industries, they are books authors and open source contributors. We want to work with the highly skilled engineers and will remove any obstacles for you so you can grow with the company.

Looking to make a difference?

This is your chance to join a tech startup on the ground floor. As an early employee, you will play a significant role in the development of the company and have the opportunity for rapid career progression and learning. We are looking to expand our Kubernetes integration team with a passionate software engineer. Lenses platform integration with the most popular container orchestration is a key functionality, thus we want to step up a notch. Can we rely on you?


The ideal Senior Scala/Java Engineer must have:


The ideal Senior Kotlin/Java Engineer at Landoop gains:

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